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Übersetzung & Definition

a person: eine Person
Note that "persons" is rarely used in everyday English as the plural form of "person", the common rule is now: one person, two people. "Persons" is used in formal and legal contexts:

No more than 8 persons in this lift. Dieser Aufzug kann nicht mehr als acht Personen aufnehmen.


  • "Many women have tried, and yet none have succeeded in making me into a decent person!"
  • "I'm just a cut-price person in a low-budget land."
  • "I would have singled out just one person, but unfortunately science is not an exact science."
  • "I simply say "You are fired" in my sexy (and largely incomprehensible) accent and the person limps out of the office with a big smile on their face."
  • "I like to send people a stream - or should I say glacier - of passive-aggressive e-mails until the person becomes numb and confused and eventually falls into a frozen lake."
  • "Bruno : Ahh, hello there, Mr. Scottish person."
  • "Krazy Gideon, celebrity insane person, will moderate the debate."
  • "Anyhow, now that you're a wealthy person, I've been considering your future."
  • "You're not going to conform to my narrow vision of what a Scottish person is, so why don't you tell me what you're good at?"
  • "Wearing this suit actually makes me feel like a better person."

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