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to pour: schütten, einschenken, eingießen
Pour the spoiled milk down the sink. Schütte die verdorbene Milch in den Abfluss.
Can I pour you another cup of tea? Kann ich Ihnen noch eine Tasse Tee einschenken?

Andere Ausdrücke:

It's pouring. Es schüttet.
As soon as the doors opened, they came pouring in. Sobald die Türen geöffnet wurden, strömten sie hinein.
Blood was pouring through the wound. Blut strömte aus der Wunde.

Pronunciation examples
UK: We cancelled the picnic because it was pouring rain.
US: He poured me a glass of milk. He didn't have any whisky.
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  • "I'll pour us a glass."
  • "Moira : The weeks preceding and following Christmas day are by far the busiest shopping periods of the year, with record amounts of money pouring in nationwide."
  • "Nous sommes quatre pour dîner, s'il vous plaît."
  • "Why did you pour water over me?"
  • "You go pour me a bath of champagne, ok."
  • "Running across the street to a local hardware store, the witness bought a can of red paint which he then poured on the concrete sidewalk directly in front of the bank."
  • "Chocolate melted and poured into your mouth by trained chimpanzees"
  • "The chemicals are pouring in a vial"
  • "I will just pour you some apéritifs, and then we can go at table."

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