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Übersetzung & Definition

a (laser) printer: ein (Laser-) Drucker


  • "Edward : Hey Fonzie, could you show me how the printer works?"
  • "Last but not least, Bob Carter has finally fixed the printer in my office."
  • "connect her to the nearest printer, and make sure that her Internet is working."
  • "I will take the printer now."
  • "Ah I remember, Bob asked me to come and check your printer."
  • "Susie : Last but not least, Bob Carter has finally fixed the printer in my office."
  • "You know with the e-mail, with the intranet, the back office, the printers."
  • "Edward : (singing) Sometimes I feel like such a loner, trying to fill the printer with toner"
  • "Like most companies, we've already introduced the quick fixes: paper recycling, energy-saving light bulbs, reductions to our photocopying and printer use, that sort of thing."
  • "I have to get these figures from our California retail stores into this spreadsheet, out of that printer, and then onto Philip's desk in the next six minutes, and you are really stressing me out!"

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