To separate

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to separate: trennen, teilen
Bruno was separated from his parents at a young age. Bruno wurde von seinen Eltern getrennt, als er noch jung war.

separate: separat, getrennt, anders
The strike is a separate issue. We'll discuss that later. Der Streik ist eine anderes Problem. Wir sprechen später darüber.
These are separate contracts. Das sind unterschiedliche Verträge.
Susie and Philip took separate planes to the conference in Chicago. Susie und Philip haben verschiedene Flugzeuge genommen, um zur Konferenz nach Chicago zu fliegen.


  • "Horatio : You can see that my chemicals are all separated and arranged according to the alphabet."
  • "But though our countries are separated by the Atlantic, there is a strong bond which unites all of us in this room;"
  • "Guest bedroom with separate bathroom"
  • "My father and I had gone out for a walk in the local forest and we got separated."
  • "Also, I'd prefer the kitchen to be separate from the reception rooms. All rooms should be light and airy and pet-friendly as I have a lot of cats, and so the front door must also have a cat flap."
  • "Property one has a shared garden rather than a private one and a kitchenette rather than a separate kitchen."
  • "Bruno : Um, that'll be two separate rooms please."

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