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a tomato: eine Tomate


  • "I say tomato, you say tomato, I say potato, you say potato, but ironically enough I don't understand a word you're saying."
  • "Bruno : Well, I'll have a tomato juice then, I guess."
  • "Donna : I'll have a tomato juice please."
  • "Donna : A tomato juice."
  • "Potato, "pohtato", tomato, "tomahto", let's call the whole thing off."
  • "I always have tomato juice when I fly."
  • "A cool glass of rainwater, perhaps, with some nice organic tomatoes served on recycled plates?"
  • "Tomatoes grown in Spain and transported to the UK have much less of an impact than the same tomatoes grown in greenhouses in the UK, which require electricity to light and heat them."

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