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(a) tough (problem, case): (ein) schwieriges (Problem), (ein) schwieriger (Fall)

(a) tough (person): (eine) hartnäckige, zähe, starke (Person)

(a) tough (material): (ein) starkes (Material)
Pronunciation examples
UK: The environment is one of today's toughest problems.
US: Kevin is tough because he grew up in a tough neighborhood.
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  • "Titanium is light and tough - that's why they make airplanes out of this stuff!"
  • "They are trying to break me, Bruno, and I am afraid that despite my rugged, tough exterior, I may not last."
  • "Susie : Are you tough enough?"
  • "This weekend's tough, will there be chocolates?"
  • "You will see that it is tough and hard to swallow."
  • "These days, boasting about short nights seems more silly than manly, not to mention that anyone still working on Wall Street is lucky to have a job during these tough economic times!"
  • "Tough son of a bitch."
  • "But I've got to warn you, these are some pretty serious tough hombres back there."
  • "It was a tough competition, but Mr Oleré eventually outclassed his canine competitors by using his human brain to his advantage."
  • "This weekend's tough."

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