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The A9 Company (hereafter referred to as "The Company"), an SAS with a capital of 81,382 euros, is registered with the Registry of Trades and Companies of Paris under RCS Paris B 451 911 812. Its headquarters are located at 65 rue de Reuilly, 75012 Paris, France - email address: Its EEC VAT number is FR10451911812. The Company primarily provides online training services. The Company’s website publication manager is Benjamin Levy.

The Company places great importance upon the security of personal data and commits to ensure its protection under European and French standards relating to the processing of this data.

Explanatory comments in the right-hand column of this document have no binding legal value; they serve only to facilitate the overall comprehension of the document, re-written in simpler terms.


The Company reserves the right to amend this document at any time.

If applicable, the revision number and date located at the top of this document will identify the version.

Each update will be published on our Site. Any changes will take effect upon said publication.

By continuing to use the Site, the Services and/or Applications, or by accessing them after an update of our terms, you acknowledge and accept all of the modifications therein.

For translations, the reference document for interpretation shall be the original French, whose latest applicable version is available at the following address:


Subscription refers to placing the Service at a User’s disposal for a fixed price and duration and, where appropriate, a maximum number of Lessons completed by the User.

Activation refers to The start date of the Subscription.

Listings refers to the service offer(s) proposed directly by a Seller to other Users via the Marketplace.

Application or mobile Application refers to a program designed and/or produced by the Company that is downloadable and executable from the operating system of a smartphone or tablet.

Client refers to an adult and able person or company who either accepts the Listing of a Seller on the Marketplace or purchases a Subscription on his own account, or on behalf of one or more User(s).

Lesson refers to the content of the lesson, the content of the corrections and the content of any supplementary corrections tailored to each User.

Course refers to all of the Lessons completed by and tailored to each User.

Marketplace refers to a dedicated space on the Site allowing for Listings by Sellers to be posted and viewed by the Users.

Provision refers to service offered directly to the User by a Seller through a Listing on the Marketplace.

Product refers to 1) one of the service offers published by the Company, such as Gymglish, Frantastique, Wunderbla, Hotel Borbollón, Saga Baldoria or Rich Morning Show, or 2) training programs using Gymglish Studio technology operated by the Company but whose content is published by third parties.

Service refers to the delivery and correction of personalized Lessons, provided by the Company, as well as technical support to customers.

Site refers to the set of web pages managed by the Company, including,,,,

Test refers to the testing of the Service, proposed free of charge to the User for a limited period of time.

”User” or ”You” or ”They” refers either to someone who has created an account on the Marketplace, or a person who uses the Service. Each User may subscribe to one or more Course.

Seller refers to an adult and able person or company who uses the Marketplace and posts Listings viewable by Users.

Supervisor refers to, if applicable, the individual(s) responsible for monitoring Users for whose account the Client has subscribed to the Service.

Supervisor Space refers to a space on the Site for Supervisors where they can invite Users, purchase Subscriptions, and supervise the training of Users.


The Company commits to keep its legal obligations in terms of respecting personal data in France, the country in which it has its headquarters, namely:

The processing of personal data implemented by the Company is subject to a declaration to the CNIL (declaration No. 1276610/0-A9) and the hosting of this data is in Europe.


4.1 Data disclosed by the User or Client

We receive, retain and process information that the User or Client provides whenever they access our Services or use them, for instance, whenever:

4.2 Contact origin data

Whenever the User or Client signs up for a Test, purchases the Service of the Company or creates an account on the Marketplace through a partner site (hereafter referred to as ”the Partner”) or through a commercial link, the Company shall retain the information concerning the contact’s origin.

4.3 Connection data

The Company shall also receive, retain and process:

4.4 Cookies

The Company uses cookies and other similar technologies (hereafter referred to as ”Cookies”).

The Company uses its own Cookies, either in order to allow for the technical functioning of the Service or Site (for example, to remember a visitor’s preferred language on the Site), or to identify the User or Client (for example, after a login to "My Account" or to the store).

However, the Company does not store any Cookie allowing the identification of the User unless the User has explicitely given his consent, except in the online shop where a session cookie is required to store the information entered during successive stages of the purchase, as well as cookies required by FrontApp support chat (fcuid, fcaid, fccid).

Some generic cookies may also be used without the user’s explicit consent, but none of them will allow the identification of the user, for example:

Lastly, cookies from third-party companies (for example, from partners or service providers) may also be installed when browsing the Site or when using the Services. In this case, the Company shall ensure that these third-party companies will strictly respect the Information and Freedoms Law mentioned above and shall commit to implement the appropriate security and protection measures for the confidentiality of the data.

It is possible to configure your browser to refuse the placement of the Company’s Cookies; such a modification therefore may alter the functionality of the Company’s Site and Services. However, refusing the placement of Cookies from third-party companies should have no effect on the functionalities of the Company’s Site or Services.

4.4.1 Google analytics

The Company uses Google Analytics, a website analysis service provided by Google that uses Cookies when accessing our Sites and Services. Google details how it uses the data collected at the following address:

You can disable Google Analytics .

4.4.2 Other third party cookies

Third parties who could install cookies on the User computer when browsing the Site are listed in section 6.5.

4.5 Social networks

The Company may authorize the use of third-party social plugins ("social plugins" refers, for example, to Facebook’s "like" button or Twitter’s "share" button, etc.). If a User or Client is connected to their third-party account, this third party may access information relating to the Company’s Services (for example, Users may share the score of one of their Lessons with their social network). The third-party personal data protection charter will provide more information about its practices in terms of data, especially about the data it collects and how it uses it.

4.6 Referred friends data

Users or Clients may send their contacts, especially by sending an email or by copying a personalized link on social networks, an invitation to try out the Service. The person accepting the invitation shall then be considered as a member of the "Referred friends". The Company shall apply the same respect for personal data for Referred friends as that belonging to Users.


5.1 Emails

Opt-ins are agreements by Users or Clients prior to sending commercial communications (for example, to receive promotional emails) from the Company or from a third-party Partner. The Company commits to respecting opt-ins affecting it and allowing the activation or refusal of these communications in the "My Account" section of the Products.

Whenever the User or Client is signed up through a Partner, opt-ins affecting this Partner shall be managed, operated and updated by the Partner.

5.2 Notifications

It is possible to configure notifications sent by the mobile Application in the settings section of the Application and/or in the device settings.

5.3 Satisfaction survey

During or at the end of the Subscription, each User may receive a satisfaction survey.


6.1 Principles

The Company mainly uses personal data in order to be able to promote and offer its Services. The Company commits not to sell Users’ personal data. The Company also commits to never disclose personal data collected, namely email addresses and photographs if provided, except:

The Company shall ensure that these Partners strictly follow the Information and Freedoms Law mentioned above and shall commit to implement the appropriate measures of security and protection of confidentiality of the data sent to them.

6.2 Chat service with our artificial intelligence service

When the User uses the Company’s artificial intelligence chat service chat service, the User may share their personal data.

The Company has its own artificial intelligence technology hosted on its own servers located in Europe, but may also use the services of subcontractors subcontractors (data processors as per GDPR regulations) for certain processing operations.

The Company may therefore include among its subcontractors:

The Company reminds Users that it does not sell, rent or give away Users’ personal data nor for any other non-educational purpose. In general (and not only with the Company’s Services), the Company invites the Company’s Services) to be attentive to data shared with artificial intelligence.

6.3 Sharing data with Supervisors

When the User is not the Client, the Company can share with Clients and possible Supervisors the educational data related to the Service. When the Client is a higher education establishment or entity whose head office is in France or Canada, the sharing of educational data is authorized by default.

In other cases, the Supervisor must obtain authorization from the User in advance in order to access the educational data.

6.4 Sharing data with Partners

When Partners are also involved in training Users as part of the Service (typically a language school as part of "blended learning" hybrid training), the Company may share the educational data related to the Service with these Partners.

6.5 Outsourced processing

The Company informs its Users and Clients that processes listed below require personal data sharing. They are outsourced, only for the reasons indicated, to providers who are themselves GDPR compliant.

Data exchanges between the Company and its suppliers are cryptographically secured by https or TLS.


Personal data is stored and retained for the duration necessary to complete the purposes for which they are collected, under applicable law. Thus, financial and educational data is retained indefinitely. This will allow the Service to be resumed after a possible interruption, even a long one. The Company also commits that:


The law gives all Users, Clients and all Referred friends the right to access, correct, delete and revoke consent to processing of their personal data. Modifying personal data (last name, first name, country, email address) belonging to the User or Clients may be performed in the "My Account" section.

The Company does not have any dedicated DPO (Data Protection Officer) because it does not handle sensitive data.

8.1 Portability

The data related to the Services of the Company are by nature not very portable. However, a synthetic view of the pedagogical data is available in the "My Account" section and can be downloaded as a set of web pages.


It is possible at any time to request full deletion of your personal data by asking or by writing to the following address: A9 SAS - Service des données personnelles, 65 rue de Reuilly -75012 Paris.


The Company is particularly careful about payment data security.

Payments are managed and secured by certified PCI DSS suppliers using SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer) for encrypting payment information during transactions over the network. This ensures the safety and confidentiality of payment information.

The Company never keeps the credit card information of its Clients.


The host of the Company is Rackspace GmbH, Luise-Ullrich-Str. 20 80636 Munich, Germany. The company Rackspace is certified ISO/ IEC 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, SOC 1 (SSAE 18), SOC 2, SOC 3, PCI DSS Level 1 FedRAMP JAB P-ATO, NIST 800-53, FISMA, NIST 800-171 (DFARS), CJIS, ITAR, FIPS 140-2, HITRUST HIPAA, HITECH, Swiss-US Safe Harbor, CDSA, SAS 70 Type II, Privacy Shield and Safe Harbor: see Rackspace can be reached by phone on +44 20 3131 6381.