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an asset: an advantage, a benefit; a valuable or useful quality/person/skill
Susie's marketing skills are a real asset to the company.
Michael Jordan was the biggest asset to the Chicago team.

an asset (accounting term): something valuable, for example cash, stock, property, etc.
The company's assets totaled 3 million dollars last year.
At the moment, the company's assets include cash, investments, buildings and machinery.
We must find a way to increase our assets this year. If not, the company will have financial problems.

Pronunciation examples
UK: You are a big asset to the company, so you have been given a pay rise.
US: My wife wants me to consolidate my assets.


  • "Our profits have increased each year that Philip has worked here, and he is a tremendous asset to the company-"
  • "He is perhaps the company's greatest asset."
  • "Icarus : I mean, stress could actually be an asset to this company if we learn how to channel all of our fight or flight hormones, rather than letting them build up and damage our brain cells!"
  • "My expertise is managing diverse personalities, and I believe this would be a major asset to a company such as Delavigne."

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