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Word of the month

The Word of the Month

Every month, we explore a word in the headlines, in English, for your English. Take a look at our archives for a glimpse at current and past events with a twist.

cultural references


At the end of each lesson, students are shown handpicked French and English cultural references, including iconic songs, film extracts, literature and lots more.

gymglish videos


Our lessons are packed full of original content, including music and videos. You can explore some of our videos on Vimeo and YouTube (click here to find out how to embed them on your site.)

delavigne corp

The Delavigne Corporation

Our English lessons are set in the world of the Delavigne Corporation, a perfume company in San Francisco. Click here to get to know the team.

ten reasons to learn french

Ten reasons to learn French

With over 220 million speakers worldwide, there are plenty of reasons to learn French. Here are our top ten.

gymglish blog

The blog

With posts about language, e-learning, entrepreneurship and general Gymglish-related musings, the Gymglish blog is the a place to be.

conjugation tool

Conjugation tool

Check out our online verb conjugation tools. These sites are free of charge and can help with your conjugation needs!

comics and cartoons

Comics and cartoons

We believe that learning should be simple and fun, which is why we create tons of comics and cartoons. After all, a picture paints 1000 words (2000 if you’re writing in French).

slogans and quotes

Slogans and quotes

Visit the Gymglish office, and you’ll undoubtedly be given a lighter/matchbook/t-shirt with one of our funny slogans. Until then, you can stare at them lovingly on your computer screen.

Fake False Friends

These words are the same in French and English but have vastly different meanings. Check out this mini-series to keep your friends close and fake false friends closer.

quizzes and contests

Quizzes and contests

We love creating quizzes and contests for our partners to share. Just get in touch and we’ll happily provide material for your next Gymglish giveaway.

US vs UK English

There can only be one winner, and I think we all know who it is. Check out our series on different terms used for the same ideas in American and British English.

the unofficial story of gymglish

The Unofficial Story of Gymglish

To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we published a guide explaining how Gymglish was born, featuring plants, parties and puns.

Lost in Translation

A quick visual guide to words in French with no direct English equivalent. Zut alors.

the unofficial story of gymglish

Funny French Expressions

French is a rich idiom with plenty of expressions that can be considered, well, bonkers. Here's an illustrated look at some of the most outlandish and amusing.

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