Cuándo usar "por" y "para"

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Cuándo usar "por" y "para"

These are the main uses of por and para:


  • to indicate a reason:

Comimos pastel por mi cumpleaños.

We ate cake for my birthday.

  • To mention a general area:

Estas navidades estaré por Madrid.

I’ll be around Madrid for Christmas.

  • To replace someone or something:

Firma por mí.

Sign this in my name (instead of me).


  • To express a purpose:

Dormí pronto para madrugar hoy.

I went to bed early to wake up early today.

  • To say where someone or something is headed:

Estas Navidades iré para Madrid.

This Christmas, I’m heading to Madrid.

  • To express an opinion:

Para mí, Ramón cocina mejor.

In my opinion, Ramón cooks better (For me).

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