Imperfect: irregular verbs

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Imperfect: irregular verbs

Reminder: the imperfect is used to talk about actions in an imprecise past or to describe things, people and situations in the past. There are three irregular verbs in the imperfect.

Yo iba
Él/ella/usted iba
Nosotros/as íbamos
Vosotros/as ibais
Ellos/ellas/ustedes iban
Yo era
Él/ella/usted era
Nosotros/as éramos
Vosotros/as erais
Ellos/ellas/ustedes eran
Yo veía
Tú veías
Él/ella/usted veía
Nosotros/as veíamos
Vosotros/as veíais
Ellos/ellas/ustedes veían

El Dr. Macías iba siempre a la piscina.

Dr Macías always went to the swimming pool.

Nacho era el más alto de su clase.

Nacho was the tallest in his class. 

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