Participio pasado: verbos regulares

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Participio pasado: verbos regulares


  • Verbs ending in -ar in infinitive: -ado

Soñar Soñado

dream dreamed

  • Verbs ending in -er and in -ir in infinitive: -ido

Beber Bebido

drink drunk

Vivir Vivido

live lived


  • As an adjective: it has to agree with the noun in terms of gender and number.

Mis amigos están indignados.

My friends are outraged.

Hay unas jirafas dormidas en mi jardín.

There are giraffes asleep in my garden.

  • With the auxiliary verb haber (to have) it forms some compound tenses in past and future.

Hemos preparado una fiesta sorpresa (pretérito perfecto).

We have planned a surprise party (present perfect or pretérito perfecto).

El tren había salido cuando llegamos (pretérito pluscuamperfecto).

The train had left when we arrived (past perfect or pretérito pluscuamperfecto).

Mañana habré solucionado el problema (futuro perfecto).

Tomorrow I will have solved the problem (future perfect or futuro perfecto).

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