The ing form

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The ING form

The Spanish ING form is used to describe continuous actions or those happening as we speak.

Forming the ING form:

  • Verbs ending in -ar; amar (to love), caminar (to walk), hablar (to talk) take the ending -ando (amando, caminando, hablando).

Ana y Teo están hablando.

Ana and Teo are speaking.

Rodrigo está cantando.

Rodrigo is singing.

  • Verbs ending in -er and -ir; correr (to run), tener (to have), decidir (to decide) take the ending -iendo (corriendo, teniendo, decidiendo).

Ellos están comiendo.

They are eating.

Estoy escribiendo un libro.

I am writing a book.

Main uses:

  • With the verb estar to indicate ongoing actions:

Estoy hablando por teléfono.

I'm talking on the phone.

He estado trabajando todo el día.

I've been working all day.

  • To describe simultaneous actions:

Me caí saliendo de la bañera.

I fell as I was getting out of the bath.

Lupita llegó corriendo al aeropuerto.

Lupita came rushing to the airport.

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