Usos de por

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Usos de por

The main uses of por are:

  • To introduce cause, reason:

Brindemos por su cumpleaños.

Let's drink to his birthday.

Vendrán por mí a las cinco.

They'll come for me at five.

  • To indicate a place or an indefinite time:

He viajado por Andalucía.

I have travelled through Andalusia.

Llegaré por la mañana.

I'll arrive in the morning.

  • To express an exchange or sale:

Te cambio mi delfín por tu cocodrilo.

I'll swap you my dolphin for your crocodile.

Compró la cerveza por 3 euros.

He bought the beer for 3 euros.

  • On behalf of another person, instead of someone:

No hables por mí, habla por ti.

Don't speak for me, speak for yourself.

  • To indicate a means or medium:

Envía la carta por correo.

Send the letter by mail.

  • To express a share or distribution:

Hay una habitación por persona.

There's one room per person.

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