When people like each other

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When people like each other

Reminder: the verb gustar (to like) has an unusual construction: pronoun (me, te, le…) + gusta/gustan + the thing which is liked.

Me gusta Madrid.

I like Madrid.

To say that someone likes someone else, the structure is slightly different:

  • gustar is conjugated so that it agrees with the grammatical subject, which is always the person who is liked.

me gustas.

I like you.

Ella le gusta (a él).

He likes her.

  • Note that the grammatical subject can come at the start of the sentence or after the verb.

Él me gusta.

I like him.

Me gusta él.

I like him.

Note: using gustar in this way implies attraction. If you just want to talk about liking someone's personality or enjoying their company, it's better to use the verb agradar or the expression caer bien.

Ella me agrada.

I like her.

Ella me cae bien.

I get on well with her.

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