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Traducción & Definición

(to make) a mistake: (cometer) un error, una falta
I made a huge mistake yesterday. Ayer cometí un gran error.

to mistake: confundirse, errar
I'm sorry Susie, I mistook you for Polly. Lo siento Susie, te confundí con Polly.

Este verbo es irregular:
I mistake / I mistook / I have mistaken

Pronunciation examples
UK: I made a huge mistake yesterday.
US: I always mistake Susie for Polly on the phone.


  • "Mistake 2: You should never force lions to wear rollerblades."
  • "When you write to me for help, your messages are rife with adorable mistakes that only endear you to me further."
  • "He complained of "intense pancake syndrome", "lazy eyebrows" and a "chocolate mistake"."
  • "I made two mistakes that day: not putting on my seatbelt (and suffering horrific nasal injuries as a result) and not renewing my auto insurance."
  • "Have you murdered, imprisoned or tortured loyal subjects by mistake or on a whim?"
  • "Brian : Well, in my opinion, you made three mistakes."
  • "I've made a terrible mistake."
  • "Mistake 3: Always pay your clowns!"
  • "Mistake 1: Magic mushrooms and juggling don't mix."
  • "Edward : There appears to be a mistake in the bill."

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