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undecided: indeciso, incerto
Our last campaign targeted undecided voters. Nossa última campanha dirigia-se aos eleitores indecisos.
We are still undecided about who will hire. Nós ainda não decidimos quem vamos contratar.

to decide: decidir, escolher, concluir


  • "I have impulsively decided to cancel the private plane flight with Horatio planned for this month."
  • "and today's mighty hangover, I've decided to retire from perfume development, effective immediately."
  • "The European leaders and I were trying to decide if we should invade Andorra."
  • "On an interim basis, I have decided to leave full control of the Delavigne Corporation to."
  • "You need to decide right now: where do your loyalties lie?"
  • "I decided to ring them up for a night on the town."
  • "Mr. Oléré and I had very different visions for the company's future, and so we have decided to split up."
  • "The owners of Bruno and Horatio's Miracle Juices have not yet decided whether or not to accept the offer."
  • "Only God decides who goes to hell."
  • "Bruno : Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, before you decide on anything, I would like to say something that I think you'll find very interesting."

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