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5 Rich Morning English lessons per week

Each student is entitled to five lessons per week. They can choose to receive their five weekly lessons on whichever days which suit them. The monthly training time is five hours (approximate time assuming that twenty lessons/corrections are completed per month, with an average duration of 15 minutes). The actual training time depends on each user's individual participation rate.

A course with four distinct stages

  • - Round 1: 21 personalized lessons with cartoons played at reduced speed, with subtitles.
  • - Round 2: 21 personalized lessons with cartoons played at normal speed, with subtitles.
  • - Round 3: 21 personalized lessons with cartoons played at normal speed, without subtitles.
  • - Revision.

Fixed-term subscriptions for a set period of time (3, 6, 9 or 12 months)

The price of the subscription depends only on the duration of the subscription period, and not on the number of e-mails actually completed by the user.

Individual offer

Because each Rich Morning lesson plan is tailored to each learner's interests and English level, it is impossible to transfer a subscription to a different user once the course has begun.