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(Can I have) a bit more (rum?): (Est-ce que je peux avoir) un peu plus (de rhum ?)


  • "Why don't you tell me a little bit more about the program. It's e-learning, is that right?"
  • "Brian : Right, could you be a bit more specific?"
  • "Young Icarus : Buh, I'm so sorry Mr. Romanonovitch, but it's just that the non-negative variables you suggested for use of X and X squared were a bit more difficult to manipulate than I expected!"
  • "Horatio : You are a little bit more of a man than you were 5 minutes ago."
  • "I'm simply asking if you wouldn't mind meeting with me regularly so that we might explore your feelings a bit more."
  • "I think you can say something a bit more positive."
  • "I hope that you all learned a little bit more about each other."
  • "Now, while she's changing the bill, tell me a bit more about your native Sweden, I've heard it's quite cold this time of year..."
  • "Moira : Could you try to be a bit more objective, Rupert?"

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