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What is a Gymglish partner?

As a Gymglish partner:

  • You promote our services to your students and contacts (featuring online level assessments, online English/French training, certification, incentive gifts, etc).
  • We provide all web marketing tools, internet pages, sign-up forms. We track users, display your logo and give you a minimum 30% commission on all sales you generate.
  • Teachers & Language school: you can then offer your services on to promote your courses to our user base of 3,000,000 language learners (all listings are free, we charge 10% on paid transactions).

How to become Gymglish Partner?

  • Create your Partner account, create your profile and follow the checklist.
  • Learn about partnership terms, get advice and support from our team.
  • Develop and submit your partnership application
Diplôme gymglish

Level assessment

Our free test includes a level assessment and a Portfolio (a personalized pedagogical report).

Diploma & Certification

Upon finishing your training, Gymglish provides a certificate of completion (Gymglish Certificate) including detailed statistics on progress and participation rate.

Diplôme Frantastique

Extra revenue

Generate extra revenue from our high-quality, value-added educational service. Acquire new customers online. Create recurrent and long-term revenue with long-term subscriptions. Extend your customer life cycle.

Teacher Brief (Teachers & Language school)

Receive pedagogical information from your student(s) with an assortment of relevant, recently-covered points to be reviewed in priority: Specific student requests, recurrent and recent errors, revision needs, texts & audios from previous lessons, etc.

Diplôme Frantastique

Communication & Marketing Kit

Easy access to up-to-date banners & marketing content, original content, websites and other fun content to share on websites, blogs, Facebook and other social media sites. (Teachers & Language school)

Offer your services on to promote your courses to our user base of 3,000,000 language learners (all listings are free, we charge 10% on paid transactions).