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English grammar rules and tips

Understanding grammar is key to understanding a language.
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Grammar rules by category

You'll find the essential English grammar rules you need to know in order to improve your writing and speaking skills.

Each of our explanations include a grammar rule along with examples in order to help you understand how to use them.

List of grammar rules by category:

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Auxiliaries and modals

There are three auxiliaries in English: do, be and have. They are used to express the negative and interrogative forms and to form various tenses.

Modals, on the other hand, are used to express: permission, obligation, ability, advice, possibility...

Note: "need" is also a modal, but its use as a modal is much less common.


Here, you will find some English grammar rules to help you understand the nuances between each tense. Conjugation is made easy thanks to Gymglish!


Irregular verbs, regular verbs... phrasal verbs? These guides will help you understand their meaning.


Superlative or comparative: how and when to use them?


Articles and pronouns

Adverbs et conjunctions


Further reading

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