There is and there are

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There is and there are

There is and there are are used to say that something exists or is present:
There's a problem. A problem exists.
Is there a mall in this town? Is a mall present in this town?
There were twenty people at the party. The number of people at the party was twenty.
This expression also works with:

•  auxiliary verbs
There will be a winner. Someone will win.
There must be a mistake. I'm sure something is wrong here.
There is no time to lose. We have no time to waste.
•  certain ordinary verbs
There seems to be a problem. I think there's a problem.
There happened to be a storm. There was a storm, by chance.
•  In informal language, there's is sometimes followed by a plural:
There's lots of pretty girls around here. There are many pretty girls around here.

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