The verb 'To feel' in English

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The verb 'To feel'

To feel is one of the 'verbs of perception' (along with to see, to hear, to smell, etc.). To feel means 'to experience something physical or emotional', or 'to touch':
I feel good! I am happy and well.
Everyone felt the anger in Bruno's voice. Everyone sensed the anger in Bruno's voice.
The city feels empty. You get the impression that the city is empty.
This stone feels smooth. This stone is smooth when you touch it.
Note that to feel is an irregular verb:
I feel sick today / I felt sick yesterday / I have felt sick all day.
Common constructions:
•  To feel is often accompanied by the auxiliary verb can:
I can feel the tension in the room. I am able to sense the tension in the room.
•  To feel like doing something To have a desire to do something, to want to do something.
I feel like going to the swimming pool. I want to go to the swimming pool.
Do you feel like (having) a beer? Do you want to have a beer?
•  To feel like + verb phrase (to have the sensation or impression of...):
Philip feels like Susie is interested in him. Philip has the impression that Susie is interested in him.
•  To feel as if + verb phrase (to have the sensation or impression of...):
I feel as if it will never stop. I have the impression that it will never stop.
Susie felt as if she were going to lose the contract. Susie had the impression that she was going to lose the contract.

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