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Hotel Borbollón delivers short, personalized and fun Spanish lessons.
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Each day you'll receive a Spanish lesson adapted to your needs, capabilities and goals.
Once it's completed, you'll immediately receive personalized corrections and explanations.
Your lessons are customized based on your strengths and weaknesses.
You'll get a certificate of completion when you finish the course.
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A story

Following the unexpected death of her century-old grandmother, Ana Borbollon is forced to choose between her successful career as a surgeon in Buenos Aires and taking over her family's struggling hotel in Madrid. The choice is made harder by the hotel's staff, a crew of misfits with various personality disorders and personal agendas.

Learning Spanish isn't simply learning a list of words or a set of rules - language is also culture. For each one of our language courses, we offer a setting that includes diverse characters and personalities, various accents, professional and personal situations, all with a touch of humor.

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Assess your level and get certified

Our free trial includes a complete level assessment (containing an outline of your current strengths and weaknesses). You'll get a certificate of completion when you finish the Spanish course.

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With a diversity of content, Gymglish motivates and encourages its users to continue their progress by making e-learning as fun as possible.

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To consolidate acquired Spanish knowledge, our learning method takes into account our natural tendency to forget things over time. For long-term memorization, our system designs an optimized revision schedule for each student.

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For web, tablet and mobile

With apps available for iOS and Android, enjoy your Spanish lessons whenever and wherever you like.

Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios, Pedro Almodóvar, 1988

Explore a new culture

Each of our Spanish lesson ends with a "dessert": an authentic clip of can't-miss Spanish-speaking culture. Film, music, literature or television allow you to finish your workout in style.

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Our goal: your motivation

A daily lesson

delivered straight to your inbox or app.


Only 15 minutes per day to improve your Spanish.

A story

Funny stories with up-to-date topics and authentic cultural references.

Adaptive learning

Our AI software adapts each lesson to the needs and level of the learner.

Gymglish for professionals

For Businesses

Our dedicated tools allow you to assess your user's levels, evaluate their needs and provide certified training along the way.

For Educators

Whether you're a teacher or represent a university or language school, Gymglish will help you improve participation and motivation with our blended-learning tools.

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What makes Gymglish special?

Voir la vidéo de présentation.

Above all, Gymglish is a language-learning company for humans. We believe in humanity as much as we believe in fun, personalized, daily Spanish lessons online. In fact, some of our best friends are humans. We believe in the humane treatment of animals. Particularly animals who want to learn Spanish in a fun, short, effective and personalized way. That said, sometimes you've just got to face the strange and do something for the robots. This paragraph is dedicated to the robots crawling the web for language lessons featuring tailor-made revisions, artificial intelligence and adaptive learning technology. This one goes out to the algorithms looking to improve vocabulary. It goes out to beginners, intermediate and expert learners learning to optimize keywords. It goes out those searching high and low for free trials and free placement tests. This one goes out to the scripts helping you progress at your own speed, and the ones helping you laugh while you learn. To those robots, we'd like to say, we love search optimisation in an organic way.

Learn. Our Spanish courses are created in-house by our international pedagogical team. The program is designed so that you can learn Spanish efficiently in the long run. Each lesson covers a wide range of key topics: Spanish grammar, vocabulary, listening, writing and more. Understand. Your lessons are corrected immediately to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses on a daily basis. Our system remembers your Spanish grammar and Spanish vocabulary mistakes and reviews them in smart intervals. Improve. With Gymglish, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner, looking to improve for fun or getting your business Spanish up to speed. Our online lessons automatically adapt to your current level after an initial evaluation. You receive a unique, tailored learning experience. Enjoy. Learning Spanish online doesn’t have to be boring. Your daily lessons come packed with fun content to help you polish your Spanish skills, retain and acquire knowledge.


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