Learning German vocabulary with Wunderbla

Need help finding the right words? You'll learn a plethora with Wunderbla and it will literally mean "a lot". Try Wunderbla for free and learn fancy words like “Wörterbuch”, "Lexikon" and "Wortschatz".

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Learning German vocabulary

There are more than 300,000 German words in the dictionary, and quite a few more that didn't make the final cut (there were budget issues). It's probably not a good use of your time to try and learn them one by one.

There's no secret to building vocabulary, not even in German: reading will help you learn more. It is however, possible, even plausible, that you can spice up your learning process with other activities too.

If you are under the impression that reading isn't sufficient, mayhaps you ought to try Wunderbla: the first seven days are on the house - in other words free, kostenlose!

How to build vocabulary with Wunderbla

You’ll learn hundreds of words & phrases listed below with our online German course, and that's just within the first 30 seconds*.

Our short, 10-minute lessons are sent on a daily basis so that you can focus on learning instead of planning to learn. No cramming involved: our spaced learning approach helps you retain the words you learn over the long term.

Vocabulary is a serious matter, sometimes deadly serious, but you can make it fun with Wunderbla, and not nearly as fatal. Our lessons are story-driven - you don't just learn from a vocabulary list, you learn with context. Solidify the vocabulary you’ve built up, and learn more efficiently with our artificial intelligence engine. Build a figurative house out of literal word bricks, and maybe even learn the meaning of a strained metaphor, even in German.

Already know a word? No problemo (we have a Spanish course available as well!). Our daily lessons are also personalized based on what you know and what you need to know. You get to tailor your own learning experience easily, without fuss, or muss.

*Strictly speaking this is a lie.

Wunderbla delivers short, personalized and fun lessons. Our goal: your motivation, participation and progress.

Words & phrases you can learn with Wunderbla

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Further reading

Do you need more than words? Extreme did for their hit song. We've got you covered!

Wunderbla goes beyond words. Grammar, tenses, phrases, business vocabulary, culture... emotional intelligence, artificial intelligence, beekeeping, you can learn it all with our online German course.

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