Provide your employees with language training

Have our certified training courses tested for free, assess your group’s level, evaluate needs, provide complementary courses with a teacher, etc.

  • 6,000 partner companies.

   Study by Le Point / Institut Statista names Gymglish one of the best training institures in Europe in 2021.  

6,000 companies in the world

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Level assessment and certificate of completion

After the first few lessons, each learner will receive a certificate of completion detailing their level, progress and participation rate.

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Personalization by sector

We offer a wide range of topics, situations and accents in order to create the best user experience possible: professional situations, business vocab (economy, finance, management, IT, marketing, sales, HR, engineering, etc.)

Our language courses for companies

Other courses

80 %  average participation rate.

A daily lesson

delivered straight to your inbox or via a push notification, making lessons easily accesible.


only 10 minutes per day (easy to fit in any busy schedule).

A story

Funny stories featuring up-to-date and pratical business English vocabulary (to make learning stick)

Adaptive learning

Personalized content that takes into account the impact of time and forgetfulness.

Some of our business references

gymglish references gymglish references

The Gymglish package is very well developed: courses offer relevant exercises, high-quality content and an overall storytelling that makes learners want to come back for more.

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HR supervision

Training managers benefit from our HR support tools and services, as well as advice on the deployment of testing and training. You will be provided with a Pro account to manage and communicate with employees registered, receive monthly summaries, send out satisfaction surveys, etc.

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Blended learning

Gymglish has developed a network of more 500 training organizations and language schools worldwide. We provide personalized support to find the organization which best suits your blended learning needs: either with a teacher and/or through self-learning. More information here.

What makes Gymglish special?

Founded in 2004, Gymglish creates online adaptive language courses: English, French, Spanish, German, spelling, etc. We are a team of 50 people (20 nationalities and 25 languages spoken) passionate about languages ​​and innovation. Our goal is to offer effective digital education to learners worldwide, a more enjoyable user experience with better knowledge retention. More than 7,000,000 users around the world have worked with us from private learners, to students to professionals. We deliver training that leads to a certificate of completion, based on a continuous evaluation process.

Gymglish creates fun adaptive learning courses for companies. Our training offers can be completed with on-site training thanks to our network of partner Language Schools (group or individual training). Gymglish has offered language training to employees of more than 6,000 companies across the world. Thanks to tailored training tools and an innovative method, we help employees from around the world improve their English (but also their Spanish, German and French). Our online training courses can adapt to any sector (finance, legal, accounting, IT, etc.). We allow each employee to communicate effectively in a professional environment, both written and oral (telephone, conference, meetings, etc.). For more information, call us at 01 87 66 18 12.