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Assess your group's level, evaluate their needs and provide certified training. Provide your students with a complement to their current language training with our blended-learning offer (English lessons, French lessons, Spanish lessons, etc.).

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After the first lessons, students will receive an initial assessment of their level in the form of a personalized review of strengths, weaknesses, and areas to be revised. All assessments are made using the levels recognized in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).



At the end of the training, each user receives their diploma with relevant statistics and level. This certification not only includes information on student level in various areas, but also charts progress in terms of learning and revision, participation, training time, lessons covered, etc. Gymglish certification is recognized in France by the CNCP (National Commission for Vocational Training).


Blended learning

Give teachers up-to-date information about students (the Teacher's Brief) in a mixed training environment (teacher plus self-learning): participation rate, progress, knowledge gaps, requirements and questions. Strengthen student-teacher communication, participation in lessons, enrich resources and educational data available to teachers.

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A story

Learning a language isn't simply learning a list of words or a set of rules - language is also culture. For each one of our language courses (English lessons, French lessons, Spanish lessons, etc.), we include diverse characters and personalities, various accents, professional and personal situations, all with a touch of humor.

Using humor in our storytelling not only motivates the learner and stimulates memorization, but also addresses the great number of different ways we communicate, work and live together.

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