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Diversify offerings and clients

Expand your training offer and diversify your clientèle with certified online courses: Offer self-training in addition to your current courses or stand-alone training. Diversify your customer base geographically beyond cities where you are already established. Offer a range of solutions to suit your customers’ budgets and needs.

supervision Gymglish

Additional revenue

Create a new, regular, high-margin source of revenue, with a long-term training program based on a subscription model.

supervision Gymglish

Build loyalty

Extend customer life cycles beyond teacher training, offer a month of free courses to former customers, etc.

supervision Gymglish

Online business

Strengthen your online presence. Enhance your website with a tool to acquire testers, contacts, and potential customers with a free level assessment service. Benefit from our online marketing expertise and feedback.

supervision Gymglish


Create a daily link between your brand and your students through a high-added-value service (we integrate your logo into all the lesson interfaces, corrections, etc.)

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