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Diversify offerings and clients

Expand your training offer and diversify your clientèle with certified online courses: Offer self-training in addition to your current courses or stand-alone training. Diversify your customer base geographically beyond cities where you are already established. Offer a range of solutions to suit your customers’ budgets and needs.

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Additional revenue

Create a new, regular, high-margin source of revenue, with a long-term training program based on a subscription model.

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Build loyalty

Extend customer life cycles beyond teacher training, offer a month of free courses to former customers, etc.

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Online business

Strengthen your online presence. Enhance your website with a tool to acquire testers, contacts, and potential customers with a free level assessment service. Benefit from our online marketing expertise and feedback.

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Create a daily link between your brand and your students through a high-added-value service (we integrate your logo into all the lesson interfaces, corrections, etc.)

Gymglish's online courses feature personalized, original content, an intuitive revision system, and provide quick and easy access to training. This combination of factors promotes consolidation of knowledge over time, while encouraging daily participation motivation.

Project Manager at SILC

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