Blended Learning

Gymglish has developed a network of more than 500 training organizations and language schools worldwide.

Give teachers up-to-date information about students (the Teacher's Brief) in a mixed training environment (teacher plus self-learning): participation rate, progress, knowledge gaps, requirements and questions. Strengthen student-teacher communication, participation in lessons, enrich resources and educational data available to teachers.


Creating hybrid offers

Strengthen student-teacher communication by creating hybrid offers. Different integration scenarios: level assessment, preparation for face to face courses, flipped classroom, consolidation: revision and ongoing memorization.

supervision Gymglish

Personalized support

Our team guides and advises you in implementing pedagogical and communication tools.

supervision Gymglish

Teacher’s Brief & progress report

Trainers receive an updated pedagogical progress report by email at the frequency of their choice. The brief provides information on students' level, recurrent errors, requirements and knowledge gaps.

Gymglish is a very useful tool for our learners, as it helps complement on-site, group or one-to-one training. The daily routine, the fun content and the spaced learning approach are major assets which our users systematically mention. Every year, most of them choose to renew their Gymglish license to keep on learning at their own pace and to follow the Delavigne saga.

Responsable Langue, Université Banque de France

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