Assessment and Certification

Bilan pédagogique gymglish

Level assessment (start of training)

Students can test any Gymglish course for free, without any commitment to buy. After several lessons, students will receive an initial assessment of their level in the form of a pedagogical summary with a detailed report summarizing strengths, weaknesses, and areas to be revised. All assessments are aligned to the CEFR.

Certification & Diploma (end of training)

At the end of the training (6 months minimum), each user receives a diploma with relevant statistics and level. This certification includes information on student level in various areas, and also charts progress in terms of learning and revision, participation, training time, concepts covered, etc.

Gymglish is a very useful tool for our learners, as it helps complement on-site, group or one-to-one training. The daily routine, the fun content and the spaced learning approach are major assets which our users systematically mention. Every year, most of them choose to renew their Gymglish license to keep on learning at their own pace and to follow the Delavigne saga.

Responsable Langue, Université Banque de France

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