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Language schools

AC Langues

AC Langues is a language school offering targeted, tailor-made courses for professionals and individual learners. Since its creation in 1993, ACLANGUES has trained over 23,000 students.

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Another advantage with Gymglish is that our customers can take several of your courses without getting tired of the same material, since the content changes from one course to another. One can tell there is a real desire to get immersed in the language’s culture, to adapt jokes and cultural references, which is a great way to encourage user participation.

Chantal Roques, AC Langues

Les Petits Bilingues

Born in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France in 1992, Les Petits Bilingues is the leading English learning network in France and has opened 54 centers across France and overseas territories.

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The Gymglish method fits in perfectly with our on-site training. Our teachers encourage students to work on their English every day which, in time, will make a real difference in their learning process.

Adrien Rennesson, Les Petits Bilingues

French Institute of Greece

Created in 1907, the French Institute of Greece helps promote French culture in Greece.

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With Frantastique (online French lessons), we have found the ideal tool: short daily lessons that can be completed at any time of the day. The tone of the courses is also very good, with humor and cultural references, making it an innovative product. We are proud to showcase Frantastique in our course portfolio.

Franck Chabasseur, Institut Français de Grèce

Language center at the French Embassy of Korea

The language center at the French Embassy of Korea is part of a network of 96 centres around the world and have established a reputation for high-quality face-to-face and distance learning courses. The language centre offers French courses as well as many different activities such a concerts, cinema festivals, art exhibitions, meet and greets with authors and social events.

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Launching the Frantastique course enabled us to reach a new audience. We had already started thinking about diversifying our catalog. Your product immediately appealed to us as it was easy to set up and manage on a daily basis.

Emmanuel Lainé, language center at the French Embassy of Korea

Language Teams

Founded in 2021, Language Teams is a language school offering online, on-site and business language courses for adults.

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Compared to other language-learning solutions, I found that Gymglish had a bit more of an edge both in terms of content and format. Courses enable learners to monitor their progress and work on their foreign language skills daily.

Seppe Gérimont, Founder of Language Teams

Universities & schools

Cergy Paris University

Cergy Paris University is made up of training and research units. Over the last 20 years, the university has established itself as a leader in the French national higher education and research sphere.

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“One thing is for sure, the quirky stories and offbeat humor that characterize Gymglish products are a big plus for us. I am sure that our students would not be so motivated without entertaining content and strong cultural identity.

Charlotte Simunek, Cergy Paris University

La Sorbonne

The DPSE Masters (specializing in employer and welfare law) is a course at the Sorbonne Law School in Paris. This Master’s degree program is designed to train lawyers for consultancy and management roles in the often complex field of welfare protection in a rapidly changing environment.

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Gymglish caters perfectly to our need for flexibility with the lessons. The difference in levels was all too obvious in the face-to-face-lessons, but with these online courses, each student can go at their own pace and look back over their mistakes and areas that need revision thanks to the efficient artificial intelligence in Gymglish’s program.

Francis Kessler, La Sorbonne

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