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All about 'since'

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All about 'Since'

SINCE always has to be followed by a date or by the moment an action started:
since 1933
since this morning
since quarter past five
Since CANNOT be followed by a time period ('three months', 'one week', etc.):
How long have you been working here?
- (I've been working here) Since 1999. I started working here in 1999 and I still work here.
- (I've been working here) For 10 years.
- I started 10 years ago.
Since can also be used as a conjunction:
Since Horatio moved to America, he eats a lot more hot-dogs.
It's been four years since I last saw you.
Since can also be an adverb:
Susie graduated from Oxford several years ago and has been satisfying all of her employers ever since.
Finally, since can also be used to mean 'as', 'because' or 'given that'. When used this way, it expresses the reason or motivation for something.
Since we're going out, why don't we post that letter? We are going out, so why don't we post that letter?

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