Be about to

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Be about to

Be (just) about to allows us to express an imminent action, or a very near future:
The train is just about to leave. The train will leave very soon.
I was about to be promoted when the new boss took over. I was going to be promoted when the new boss arrived at the company.
Remember, (be) about (without "to") is often used to find out or express what the subject or content is.
What is the film about? What is the subject of the film?
It's about giant spiders on the moon. The content of the film is giant spiders on the moon.
We can also use about to mean "concerning" or "approximately".
Jean is excited about going to England. Going to England excites Jean.
There were about 30 people at the press conference. There were approximately 30 people present at the press conference.

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