Common question words

Common question words:

What are you doing?
(-I am playing tennis.)
Who is this boy?
(-This boy is my brother.)
Where are you going?
(-I am going to the cinema.)
When does the train arrive?
(-The train arrives at 4 o'clock.)
Why is Bruno angry?
(-Bruno is angry because his grandfather died.)
How is your Dad?
(-My dad is tired.)
How much? How many?
How many children do you have?
(-I have eight children.)
Which of the following is correct?
(-The first one is correct.)
Whose pencil is this?
(-This is Icarus' pencil.)
How is frequently followed by an adjective or an adverb:
How long have you been married? For how many years have you been married?
How far is the Golden Gate Bridge from here? What is the distance to the Golden Gate Bridge from here?
How often does Kevin go to Asia? With what frequency does Kevin go to Asia?
How many times must I tell you to clean up your desk? Why do I have to tell you several times to clean up your desk?
How old are you? What is your age?
How tall are you? What is your height?
How come? Why?

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