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To be used to

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To be used to

The expression to be used to expresses habit. It is followed by a subject or a verb in the gerund:
To be used to somethingto be accustomed to something
To be used to doing somethingto be accustomed to doing something
I am used to this kind of thing. I am accustomed to this kind of thing.
I am used to doing such things. I am accustomed to doing such things.
They were used to standing for hours. They were accustomed to standing for hours.

•  Be careful not to confuse it with I used to (do something), which expresses a completed action in the past:
I used to play tennis when I was a child. I played tennis when I was a child (I no longer play tennis).
•  Also be careful not to confuse it with the ordinary verb to use, conjugated in the past simple or past participle.
These drugs are used to treat a serious disease. These drugs are utilized to treat a serious disease.
•  To be used to and to be accustomed to have a similar meaning, although to be accustomed to is sometimes followed by an infinitive:
Jungle animals are not accustomed to live (or to living) with human beings. Jungle animals are not in the habit of living with human beings.
•  The expression to get used to, followed by a subject or a verb in the gerund (ing), expresses the act of getting accustomed to something:
I can't get used to this work environment. I am finding it difficult to work in this new work environment.
Get used to it! Accept this new situation!

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