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Up / down

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Up / down

Main meanings of UP:

•  towards a higher position:
up the mountain high on the mountain, towards the top of the mountain
upstairs towards or on the higher floor of a building
to go up to mount, to ascend, to climb; to increase
•  out of bed, in a vertical position:
The kids aren't up yet. The kids are still in bed.
to get up, to stand up to put or get in a vertical position
to wake up to open one's eyes after sleep
•  Intensification:
to speak up to speak more loudly
Pump up the volume increase the volume (informal)
•  Endings:
I gave up smoking. I stopped smoking.
Drink up! Finish your drink!, Drink more quickly!
Time is up. There's no more time.
•  and other meanings:
He's up to it. He's capable of doing it.
It's up to you to decide. It's your decision.
What are you up to? What are you doing?
to throw up to vomit, to be sick
Main meanings of DOWN :

•  towards a lower position:
down the street along the street, at a lower point of the street
to fall down to fall to the ground
•  reduction
Turn down the music. Reduce the volume of the music.
•  writing:
to write down, to take down to write on a piece of paper, to make a note of
•  malfunctioning:
the computer is down the computer is not working
to feel down to feel depressed, sad, or unhappy:
I feel a little down today. I feel slightly depressed today.

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