The s in the third person singular form

In the present tense, regular verbs are conjugated by adding an s in the third person singular:
I wantWe want
You wantYou want
He/She/It wantsThey want
I always wear blue jeans, and my sister always wears skirts.
Verbs ending in 'ss' 'ch' 'sh' or 'x' add 'es' to the end of the verb:
Luna washes her hair with a special herbal shampoo. (to wash)
The priest blesses his wine. (to bless)
Susie relaxes every day after lunch. (to relax)
For verbs ending in a consonant followed by 'y', we remove the 'y' and add 'ies' to the end of the verb. This does not apply to verbs ending in a vowel followed by 'y', which are conjugated normally.
My brother studies history. (to study > studies)
I hope my son marries someone rich. (to marry > marries)
I don't care what she says, I'm eating this cake. (to say > says)
• The auxiliary verbs be, have and do, plus the verb go, are irregular and are conjugated as follows:
I am / am notHe is / isn't
I have / haven'tShe has / hasn't
I do / don'tHe does / doesn't
I go She goes
• The other auxiliary verbs, called modal verbs (will, must, may, would, etc.), have only one form therefore do not need an s in the third person singular:
She must come.
He should be here by now.

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