Strengthening comparative constructions

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Strengthening comparative constructions

The following expressions are used to reinforce or specify comparisons.
Philip is much taller than I thought. Philip is a lot taller than I thought.
Is this scene any better than the previous one? Is this scene at all better than the previous one?
It's even better. It is better than the other option, and the other option is very good!
This report is far better than the first draft. This report is a lot better than the original version.
•  Other examples:
This girl is just as beautiful as her mother. The mother and daughter are equally beautiful.
Your bedroom is twice as big as mine. Your bedroom is 2 times the size of my bedroom.
This tower is three times as tall as the trees. This tower is three times taller than the trees.
Similarly, superlatives can also be emphasized:
the very best in the perfume industry definitely the best in the perfume industry
the very latest news the most recent news, by far
Bruno is by far the most qualified for this job. Bruno is clearly the most qualified for this job.

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