Using 'most'

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Using 'Most'

Main uses of MOST:
•  As an adverb which allows the construction of the superlative:
Philip is the most talented salesman on the whole sales team. Philip has the largest amount of talent.
Who is the most qualified? Who is the best qualified person? Who has the largest number of qualifications?
When it means 'to the greatest degree or extent'. With this meaning, 'most' and 'the most' are often interchangeable.
Which wine did you like (the) most? Which wine did you like best? Which was your favorite wine?
This is exactly what I dislike (the) most. This is exactly the thing which I like least.
•  'The majority', immediately followed by a noun or of:
Most people here wear jeans. The majority of people here wear blue jeans.
Most of our employees are American, but not all. The majority (more than 50%) of our employees are American, but not all.
Horatio spends most of his time experimenting with new blends. Horatio spends the majority of his time experimenting with new blends.
Note: Mostly mainly, generally, normally, usually
The employees are mostly American. The employees are mainly, predominantly American.
Bruno is mostly out of the office this week. Bruno is out of the office for the larger part this week.

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