Variations on 'some', 'every', 'no', and 'any'

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Variations on 'some', 'every', 'no', and 'any'

Undefined structures with SOME:
somethingan object, situation, quality or action which is not exactly known
somebody or someonean unknown person
somewherein an unknown place
somehowin a way that is not known
Undefined structures with ANY:
anythingsomething (used in questions and negative structures), or when it doesn't matter what thing
anybody or anyonea person (used in questions and negative structures), or when it doesn't matter what person
anywheresomewhere (used in questions and negative structures), or when it doesn't matter what place
anyway or anyhowin any case, not considering other things
Undefined structures with NO:
nothingnot anything
nobody or no onenot anybody
nowherein no place
no wayimpossible
Undefined structures with EVERY:
everythingall, the entirety
everybody or everyoneall the people
everywherein every place
•  Any and no are respectively used in negative and affirmative constructions (to avoid a double negative):
I don't know anybody here. I know no-one here.
Nobody is perfect. There isn't anyone who is perfect.
•  With somebody, everybody, nobody (and someone etc.) the verb is always conjugated in the singular form:
Everybody needs somebody.
Everyone has to leave.

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