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Main uses of FIRST:
•  adjective:
the first day the initial day, the earliest day, the day before all the others
the first three pages the initial three pages
•  noun:
He is always the first to arrive. He is always the person who arrives before everyone else.
•  adverb:
Bruno first met Horatio in the jungle. The earliest, initial time Bruno met Horatio was in the jungle.
When did you first hear of Delavigne? When was the original, earliest time you heard of Delavigne?
In spoken English, we frequently hear first at the end of a sentence (grammatically incorrect but often used):
Let's wash our hands first. We should wash our hands before we do that.
•  first of all, in the first place:
First of all, I'd like to introduce you to Mr Carter. The first, initial thing I'd like to do at the start is introduce you to Mr Carter.
It was Luna who had the idea for the party in the first place. Originally, it was Luna who had the idea for the party.

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