Main uses of about:
• relating to, regarding, on the subject of, concerning:
Did Susie tell you anything about our new perfumes? Did Susie give you any information on our new perfumes?
the report about subcontracting the report which covers the subject of subcontracting
What do you know about him? What information do you have on him?
• approximately, around:
There were about ten journalists at the conference. There were approximately ten journalists at the conference.
Bruno arrived about two hours ago. Bruno arrived roughly two hours ago.
It's about time you made a decision. Around now, you should have already made a decision.
• to be about to:
He's about to leave. He will leave very soon.
I was about to call you. I was going to call you straight away.
What about...?, How about...?:
What about going to the movies? Would it be a good idea if we went to the movies?
How about meeting next week? Could we meet next week?
• everywhere, all around a place (similar idea to around):
For the last three years, I have been travelling about. For the last three years, I have been travelling in various different places.
I moved about my apartment looking for a torch. I moved through my apartment looking for a torch.
• other meanings, when used with a verb:
How did all of this come about? How did all of this happen, occur?
This discussion will bring about some tension. This discussion will cause, create, result in some tension.

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