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'after' and 'before'

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'After' and 'before'

Main uses of BEFORE (earlier than) and AFTER (later than):
•  As a preposition:
after lunch
before dinner
After thanking them I left.
Before going to France, you should read the guide book.
You shouldn't buy that expensive car. After all, you don't have that much money.
•  As conjunctions:
After he told me the story, he left my house.
Before we start dinner, I would like to say something.
•  At the end of a clause, as an adverb:
The criminal was stopped a month after he committed the crime.
He has written about this subject before.
I've seen him before.
Note: when 'after' or 'before' is followed by a verb, that verb can be in the '-ing' form, or be a conjugated verb with a subject.
After arriving at the hotel, Mr. Lee went straight to the reception desk.
Before I go to bed, I always say a prayer for my parents' good health.

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