Comparatives of superiority:

• If the adjective is short (one or sometimes two syllables):
Bruno is older than Susie. Bruno is 38 and Susie is 31.
This surfboard is shorter than mine. This surfboard is not as long as my surfboard.
Just as in the past simple, the final consonant is sometimes doubled:
hot -> hotter
fat -> fatter
• If the adjective is long, MORE ... THAN is used:
Kalvin Krime perfumes are more expensive than Delavigne perfumes.
Important: There is no fixed rule to determine whether an adjective is 'short' or 'long'. All adjectives with one syllable are considered to be short, however some adjectives with two syllables are considered to be short, but some are considered long:
happy -> happier or more happy
ugly -> uglier or more ugly
Comparatives of inferiority are formed using LESS ... THAN :
Horatio is less comfortable in the city than he is in the jungle. He prefers to be in the jungle.
The Delavigne Corp sells products which are less expensive than its competitors' products.
Comparatives of equality are formed using AS ... AS:
Kevin is as old as Philip. Kevin and Philip are the same age.
I don't drink as much as he does. I drink less than he does.
Are Delavigne products as expensive as Kalvin Krime's? Do Delavigne's products cost the same amount of money as Kalvin Krime's?
as soon as possible in the very near future
In the negative form, a relationship of inferiority is employed, using NOT AS ... AS:
Horatio is not as comfortable in the city as he is in the jungle. Horatio is more comfortable in the jungle than the city.
Delavigne products are not as expensive as its competitors' products. Delavigne products are cheaper than its competitors' products.
• Some commonly-used irregular adjectives:
good -> better
I like Delavigne's perfumes better than Kalvin Krime's. I prefer Delavigne perfumes.
bad -> worse
The singer was worse than I thought he would be. The singer was not as good as I thought he would be.
far -> farther (in the sense of distance) or further (in a figurative sense)
The mountains were much farther away than we thought.
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