To take

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To take

The verb to take has many uses in English. Here are the most common:
to take a break to have a rest
to take advantage to use the good things in a situation, to abuse
to take a taxi to travel in a taxi
to take time off to have a holiday from work
take me to the station transport me to the station
to take a bath to have a bath
Here are some of the most common expressions using the verb to take:
take it slow do it slowly, don't advance too quickly
to take something lightly not to see the serious side of a situation
I can't take it any longer I can't tolerate it any longer
to take a look to have a look
to take for granted to not appreciate something, assuming it will always be there
to take notice to pay attention
to take into account to bear in mind
You can take it from me You can believe me
I'll take it from here I'll continue from this point

To make a decision is more correct, and more common than 'to take a decision'.

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