Let's learn about 'let's'

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Let's learn about 'let's'

The expression Let's + [the infinitive without 'to'] expresses the imperative, but is generally used to make a suggestion:
Let's dance!
Let's all go outside and get ourselves a snack.
Let's is actually the contraction of Let us. In the first and third person, the imperative can actually be expressed with the construction LET+ the object + the infinitive without 'to':
Let us see.
Let us hope everything will work out.
Let them eat cake.
•  Sometimes the meaning is very close to that of the ordinary verb to let (to allow):
Let my people go. Allow or permit my people to go.
•  Let is followed by an infinitive without 'to', but allow (and permit) are followed by an infinitive with 'to':
Let her speak!
Allow her to speak!
•  In the negative form:
Don't let it happen again! Don't allow it to happen again!

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