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The main uses of 'as'

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The main uses of 'As'

Main uses of AS:

•  Comparative which denotes equality:
He is as old as I am. We are the same age.
She's wearing the same shirt as I am. We're both wearing the same shirt.
I drink as much as he does. We both drink the same amount.
Your car is twice as large as mine.
•  Introducing a clause:
as you know like you (already) know
as I told you like I (already) told you
As we were late, we hired a cab. Because we were late, we took a taxi.
•  At the moment, at the time when, while:
As a soldier, my uncle used to travel a lot. When he was a soldier, my uncle traveled a lot.
As a child, I often played ball with my dog. When I was a child, I often played ball with my dog.
As I grow older, I'm becoming more interested in politics. Getting older, I'm becoming more interested in politics.
•  In the form of, in the role of, in the function of, acting as:
As a paying customer, I demand better service. I am a paying customer, therefore I want better service.
•  Some commonly used expressions:
as well also, too
as far as I am concerned if you ask me, for all I know, in my opinion
as yet so far, up to this point in time
such as for example, like

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