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To go

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To go

The most commonly used constructions with to go:

•  to go to
Tonight we will go to the movies.(US) Tonight we are going to watch a film at the cinema.
(to go to the pictures, to go to the cinema UK)
•  be going to, used as an auxiliary to talk about the future:
I'm going to go to the shops this afternoon. I will go to the shops this afternoon.
Bruno is going to travel to France this summer. Bruno will travel to France this summer.
•  to go and do something to do something in another place:
Would you like to go and see a movie with me sometime? Would you like to see a movie at the cinema with me one day?
•  to go + verb in the -ing form (gerund):
to go shopping to visit the stores in order to buy things
to go skiing to travel to a snowy mountain location in order to ski
•  to go for:
to go for a walk to move outside and walk
to go for a drink to visit a bar or pub to have a drink
Note that to go can have other meanings:
to go crazy to become insane
to go bankrupt to officially declare that you have no money
How's it going? How are you?

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