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Always means 'forever', 'constantly', 'all the time':
Icarus is always punctual. Icarus is punctual all the time.
It's always hot in August. Every August, the weather is hot.
Sometimes, always is placed before the verb or the auxiliary verb to give the sentence more emphasis:
You always know just the right thing to say. You say the right thing all the time, you're good with words.
Note the difference between always and still:
Horatio always smokes his pipe in the lab. Horatio regularly, constantly smokes his pipe in the lab.
Horatio still smokes his pipe in the lab. Horatio continues to smoke his pipe in the lab (even though he's not supposed to).
Always should not be confused with ever and never:
Do you ever go to the theater? Do you go to the theater at all, once in a while, sometimes?
- Sure, I always go to the theater.

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