The 'ing' verb form

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The 'ING' verb form

The -ing verb ending has different functions:
•  It mainly allows us to express progressive verb forms with the auxiliary verb be, (present, past, future progressive):
Kevin is eating right now.
What are you doing?
I was going to call him when he appeared at my apartment.
At this time tomorrow, we will be drinking a cocktail by the beach.
•  The gerund, which is the verbal noun:
Surfing relaxes me.
Bear hunting is forbidden.
Do you mind my wearing casual clothes?
It was great seeing you again Bruno.
•  The verbal adjective:
the weeping willow
the living dead
the rising tide
Sleeping Beauty
Some verbs followed by the gerund:
Horatio enjoys smoking in the laboratory.
(To enjoy is never followed by the infinitive.)
We try to avoid staying in dangerous places.
to give up smoking to stop smoking
to keep (on) doing something to continue doing something

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